Chris Frantz is a Baltimore, MD based Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter. He has been recording and performing music under the moniker of "Palm Trees In Moscow" for the past 5 years (or "PTIM", for brevity’s sake) with various musicians and collaborators. Influences include The Replacements, Hum, R.E.M., Failure, and The War on Drugs. 

2017 saw the release of Palm Trees In Moscow’s “Savage Convenience'', an Id-driven garage rock explosion featuring ragged, passionate vocals and primal drums. PTIM’s sound has gradually expanded and matured by working with different producers & welcoming experimentation, as evidenced in the subsequent single releases. 2018 saw the release of  “Strange Medicine”, a moody and ominous love song recorded at Spider Studios (Cleveland, OH) and engineered by Ben Schigel (Machine Gun Kelly, Chimera). After a period of constant live performances, the summer of 2020 delivered “Shocked & Delighted”, a reverb drenched, pop-shoegaze influenced love song. Recorded at Zound Factory Studios in Baltimore, MD; “Shocked & Delighted” held a firm emphasis on a hard driving dance groove. These ethos continued in the following single, “Blood in the Water”, a gritty dark-pop track that dabbled in synths/programmed beats and owed a great debt to artists like Depeche Mode and The Beloved. 

June 3rd, 2022 brings us the release of “Drunk at the Airport”. Complete with painstaking attention to production and an emphasis on heavier, more thematic songwriting,  Palm Trees In Moscow continues to paint musical landscapes and portraits of relatable everyday struggles and frustration in huge, shimmering, reverb-drenched broad strokes.