"Blood In The Water" by Baltimore based artist Palm Trees In Moscow (myself, Chris Frantz) is a dark pop, new wave inspired single from the forthcoming release "Keep Your Blood". The single is the result of beautiful contradictions and idiosyncratic experimentations. The track marries a lot of analog and digital. For example, the bell sounds were inspired by early 90's hip hop and (Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest) and recorded to sound like a sample, even though they were played on a Casio CTK-450 keyboard (a Christmas present received on my 5th birthday that miraculously still functions). They were recorded through an old PA system cranked to 11 with a few microphones in a living room with high ceilings and mixed using Logic Pro X.

The spoken word vocals were inspired by some of the work of Mike Doughty, Tom Waits and Belle & Sebastian. They were performed completely off the cuff by Chris's then roommate (Daniel Savitsky). The guitar performance is filled with lush reverb and subtle delay effects, paying homage to shoegaze artists (Ride, My Bloody Valentine) and longtime personal heroes Depeche Mode. The stabbing, urgent shift of the post chorus was even labeled "Usher Synth" when we recorded it because I had the song "Yeah" stuck in my head and wanted to a similar sound. As you will hear, "Blood in the Water" contains a myriad of influences, filtered through the mind of a rocker at heart who has a soft spot for great pop songs.

Lyrically, the song is open to interpretation, as many are, but the main theme is the breakdown of communication and the failure of a relationship, whether personal or professional. It is about demanding the world from someone who is not ready to give it to you, and whether you are ready to challenge yourself (swim with sharks) and give it back to them.

The track was mixed and engineered by Kris Chinery on Logic Pro X and Master Engineered by Mat Lefler-Schulman, who has worked with Future Islands, Beach House, The Dismemberment Plan, and many more. His expert ear helped take the track to another level.

Palm Trees In Moscow
"Blood in the Water"

Written by Chris Frantz
Mixed/Engineered by Kris Chinery
Performed by Palm Trees In Moscow
Produced by Chris Frantz
Master Engineer: Mat Lefler Schulman (Mobtown Studios)

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