"Compassion Fatigue" arrives August 9th!

The 1st single from upcoming album "keep your Blood".

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For fans of Quicksand, DIIV, Helmet, My Bloody Valentine, and Failure, comes "Compassion Fatigue", the new single from Palm Trees In Moscow, the Baltimore, MD-based Grungegaze/Alt Rock project of singer/songwriter Chris Frantz.

Lyrically, "Compassion Fatigue" is about riding the razor’s edge between empathy and complete apathy. There are so many things happening in the world to care about and feel strongly about, and the social media algorithm smothers you with these ideas and images every day. It becomes overwhelming to the point that you can become numb and choose not to care about anything for the sake of self-preservation, or at least trick yourself into thinking you don’t care (If I truly didn’t care, I wouldn’t have written this song!). You only have so much energy to exert on things you can’t control.

Musically, "Compassion Fatigue" starts off with a slinky bassline and in-the-pocket drum groove that you would typically find in a golden-era disco track. Don't get too comfortable though, because the song shifts into a heavy-hitting grungy guitar groove juxtaposed with ethereal vocals, followed by a cinematic and epically satisfying wall of sound shoegaze-inspired outro. Kellii Scott, of the highly regarded and influential band Failure, provides drums, and production was handled by studio wiz Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker the Star, Sam Roberts, Chris Cornell).

"Compassion Fatigue" is the first single from Palm Trees In Moscow's upcoming album, "Keep Your Blood”.

New Single Alert!

"I Want it Back" drops Friday, January 19th! on all streaming services

Palm Trees In Moscow are "back" with brand new single "I Want It Back". With a crisp production by Jordon Zadorozny (Chris Cornell, Blinker the Star, Lindsey Buckingham) and huge, live guitars recorded at The Watermelon Room (Garret Long, Baltimore, MD), "I Want It Back" not only packs a punch but picks you up and dusts you off afterwards, like an old school football game. At just over 3 minutes, its a concise and rousing Grungegaze/Alt Rock/Pseudo Shoegaze anthem that hits all the right emotional notes. Pre-Save on Spotify below:

P          R          E          S          S

The Big Takeover Magazine on "I Want It Back"

By Dave Franklin

"Palm Trees in Moscow has developed a sound that blends a warped, not exactly pop sounding but certainly pop-aware, infectiousness with a squalling, garage-rock meets shoegazing noisescape, one woven from reverb-drenched guitars and thunderous beats, cavernous sonics and howling vocals." -Dave Franklin, The Big Takeover

Full Story Here!

Mystic Sons write-up on "I Want It Back"

by Chris Bounds

"Bringing back more of that dark and brooding alt-rock energy he has been cultivating for himself over the years, 'I Want It Back' sees him return to the scene in stellar form throughout."

Full Review Here!

Plastic Mag UK's review of "Heights"

by paul vine

"With Heights, Palm Trees In Moscow showcases their evolution from primal garage rockers to purveyors of diverse sound and profound songwriting. This EP serves as a thrilling showcase of their growth as artists and confirms them as an act worth watching as they continue to reach new heights in their musical endeavours" Paul Vine, Plastic magazine.

Read the whole review here:

Prism Reviews muses on "Heights"

Greg walker's thoughts on the new ep

"Planted firmly in the guitar rock of the 90's (My Bloody Valentine, Hum, The Cure), each song captures a new and interesting theme and capitalizes on emotionial vocals, guitar and drums...the songs deal with life's anxious dance between love and loss, fight and flight, but like he sings, shine brightly nonetheless" -Greg Walker, Prism Reviews.

Big thanks to Greg for the glowing write up! You can read the whole article below:


Palm Trees in Moscow reach all new highs on EP, "Heights"

By austin sher

Big thanks for the kind words from Austin Sher at "We Write About Music". Being mentioned in the same breath as Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine is humbling to say the least! You can read the whole flattering ordeal below:


"Palm Trees In Moscow Announces Upcoming EP"

GAbriel Mazza, Mesmerized music blog

Nice write up by Gabriel Mazza at Mesmerized Music Blog on the upcoming "Heights" EP. "Vocals that are gritty yet evocative, controlled yet capable of conveying melancholia and human fragility". Thats high praise, Gabe!

"Heights" hits Spotify and all streaming platforms Friday, 9/1/23.

You can read the full article here:

"drunk at the airport" official video

"Blood in the Water": Official video

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"shocked and delighted" featured on kksm

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