"drunk at the airport" official video

"Drunk at the Airport" arrives this Friday, June 3rd, on all streaming platforms!

A&R Factory Reviews "Drunk at the Airport"

"Dropping a punchy pop/roots/rock/shoegaze mixture of delicious intelligence, Palm Trees In Moscow sends us into a world of infatuation with a terrific track to put on vociferously. There is a delightfully inspiring transmission to lather deeply into here, with a fierce atmosphere that should wake up the sleepy slumber inside us all." -Llewelyn Screen (Click below for the full review!)

"Drunk at the Airport" lands this Friday!

Alt Rock Icon Lends His Expertise to New Single

"Drunk at the Airport" arrives this Friday, June 3rd, and we couldn't have done it without the expertise and knowledge of it's producer/engineer, Jordon Zadorozny. Jordon has worked alongside some huge and eclectic names in the industry (Chris Cornell, Sam Roberts, Mellisa Auf Der Maur, Courtney Love, Lindsay Buckingham, to name just a few) as an engineer, producer, and songwriter; and I’ve been a huge fan of his highly influential project Blinker the Star for a very long time-so much so that I’m incredibly humbled and honored to have him put the finishing touches (mixing and mastering) on a track that I am extremely proud of!

Speaking of Blinker the Star, check out the new single “Touch”, and follow on Spotify (link below), SoundCloud/Bandcamp, anywhere you can. If you like thick, dreamy, intelligent, alternative rock with supreme pop sensibility and gorgeous production definitely check them out. 

“Drunk at the Airport” lands this Friday, 6/3/22, on all streaming platforms.


Jeremy Gladstone on "Drunk at the Airport"

"One of the best Baltimore’s got right now for sure, if not the entire span of the independent music-scene altogether. “Drunk At The Airport” is indie artistic perfection, melodically addictive, mesmerizing & trance-inducing, and it’s never gonna leave my playlist." -Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios

Flattering words from Sleeping Bag Studios! Click below for the full advance review of the upcoming single, "Drunk at the Airport".


"Blood in the Water": Official video

Sleeping Bag Studios Reviews "Blood in the Water

“An Alt/Pop/Indie hybrid of proudly bizarre & highly enticing sound, based out of Baltimore in Maryland…but very much akin to the legendary Canadian band Limblifter…..One of the most addictively unique cuts you’ll hear this year…” -Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios

Thanks to Jeremy for the kind words! Follow link below for full review.


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New Single mastered by local engineering legend

As we approach the release of our new single, "Blood in the Water", we are very pleased to announce that Mat Lefler-Schulman of Mobtown Studios is behind the knobs as our master engineer! He has worked with Future Islands, Beach House, Lower Dens, The Dismemberment Plan, Dan Deacon, Wacka Flacka Flame, and even Ice Cube, just to name a few!

His professionalism, candor, and experience was a valuable asset to bringing out the best elements of this track that we've worked so hard on. We can't wait to share it with you folks. Cheers!

For more information on Mat and his work, visit http://www.mobtownstudios.com

"Shocked and Delighted" arrives on 96.3 WPKM Today

Palm Trees In Moscow uk radio debut

"shocked and delighted" to be featured on ship full of bombs tomorrow (2pm e.t.)!

"shocked and delighted" featured on kksm

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